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$250.00  deposit is required to hold a kitten. International Sales are no longer available, I will not be shipping at this time.
Please read the contract and do not try to get a kitten from us if you are any of the mentioned in #3   
[ 3. Under no circumstances will this cat or kitten be sold, leased, or given to a pet shop, pound, research laboratory or similar facility.]


Colors/ coat patterns etc.
The kittens come in three coat patterns in many colors;  browns, ebony,including silvers, sepia, minks, and lynx points. The coat patterns are classic, spotted,and ticked .

We make no claims as to the size of out kittens when they mature . Too many variables, diet, worming, etc.  Some have reached 20 pounds but as I said I can not make any guarantee to how much they will weigh when they are grown. Proper care and feeding play a major role in their growing, along with genetics.

We also have no claim to wild blood these are a domestic breed with some awesome differences. There is no bobcat hybrid and to date even though some claim they have crosses, no proof of a cross exists.
Contact us;

Phone  " WILD @ HEART "......  
(479) 394-5643  or email us at

 Kitten / cat  contract;

You can contact us for a copy of contract, we will be happy to email one to you or you can copy & paste contract below.


Wild @ Heart Highlanders Companion Animal Purchase Contract

The intent of this contract is to protect both the buyer and the seller. This contract is legal and binding between both parties;
Wild @ Heart Highlanders owner;

Donna Verba
268 Polk RD. 659,
Mena, AR. 71953

and the buyer listed below.

Buyer Info:
City:                                        ST:           Zip:___________________________                      
Phone:                                    Email:                                 
Purchase Info:
Breed: Highlander   Color:_________              Sex:___________    
name; _________________________________pending             
Birth Date___________________________                                            
Litter reg #_______________________________________or Reg #________________                                  

Dam:_ _______________________________________________ 
1. All money is due before delivery ,if using pay pal send as a gift, all money goes to the non-profit for exotic cats here. The total price for shipping charges & pet carrier, heath certificate vet. exam. & any and all other shipping related cost will be the responsibility of the buyer, buyer agrees to make a $250.00 deposit and the balance is to be paid within 30 days of this contract, unless other arrangements have been made with seller. Price of kitten does not include carrier, shots, veterinarian exam and health certificate...........
Total price your new companion;_$________________

2. Monies may be paid in Cash, Cashier’s Check, Money Order, or PayPal, . No Cash Refunds,  When paying by Check, Cashiers Check, Money Order all money must clear the banks before arrangements for shipping will be made. Buyer will pay all shipping cost, vet. health certificate, carrier, & shipping. Void if buyer is picking up kitten in person, health certificate optional if picked up in person.

3. Under no circumstances will this companion animal be sold, leased, or given to a pet shop, pound, research laboratory or any similar facility.
4. This companion animal will be kept indoors and not be allowed to run free except on a leash or in an enclosed area.

It is also agreed the buyer will NOT declaw this animal. Buyer will keep cat whole with all their claws in tact. Scratch posts/pads and a regular nail trim will help prevent any unwanted clawing. Do not purchase a kitten if you intend to have them declawed!!

5. Purchaser will provide prompt veterinary care in the event the cat/kitten becomes ill or is injured at any time in it’s lifetime and will, under their veterinarians advice, provide for check-ups and vaccinations. Breeder not responsible for any vet charges incurred once kitten leaves breeders possession. This also includes cost of flea & tick treatments ear mite etc. seller is not responsible for anything the animal may come in contact with during transportation.

6. This companion animal is purchased for: Breeder/Companion /and has been not been neutered/spayed,  prior to sale.

7. If Purchased for Companion Purposes, Purchaser agrees to neuter or spay before the age of 6  months, and agrees and guarantees that this new companion will not be used for breeding. If Buyer does not alter w/in this time there will be a fee of $1500.00 before registration will be released. If you are violating this agreement you will be taken to court in Polk County, Mena, Arkansas, all attorney and court cost incurred will be the responsibility of the buyer to pay... if contract is violated.

8. Seller agrees to provide TICA registration papers for this new companion upon presentation of a veterinarian’s certificate of spay/neuter w/in time period or upon paying of fee.

9. If your new companion is found to be neglected or mistreated, Purchaser will surrender said animal to Seller, unconditionally.

10. Vaccinated; _________Follow up shots; __________ (dates vaccinated)

11. Vaccine Used; feline 3way Nobivac® Feline 1-HCP
We do not reccommend using FIP/FIV vaccines on any kittens at any time. This is a live vaccine and can do more harm than good. I only use a 3-way vaccine, and rabies only when I have to for flights. We use nothing else and when sedating gas it preferred, Ketamine is dangerous on this breed.

12. Seller guarantees this cat/kitten against FeLV and FIV for 3 days from the date of transfer. Purchaser has 3 working days to have blood tests on their new feline for, feline leukemia virus and FIV. If found to have FeLV or FIV w/in the guarantee period, said cat/kitten will be replaced after seller receives written statement from licensed veterinarian, and only if the cat/kitten was quarantined from any other cat during the 3 days.

13. Seller guarantees this new companion against life-threatening congenital defects for the first year of life. If kitten dies of a non-treatable congenital defect w/in one year, kitten will be replaced (when another appropriate companion animal becomes available) upon receipt of veterinarian statement and necropsy outlining the defect, transportation/shipping will be at the cost of the Purchaser .

14. If at any time purchaser is unable to keep cat/kitten it is requested they contact the Breeder, who will then aid purchaser in placing cat/kitten into another suitable home or may elect to take kitten back, transportation/shipping will be at the cost of the Purchaser.

15. Buyer also agrees to send in kitten form and register kitten with TICA when they get their blue slip on kitten.
16. You have now purchased a 02T, 03T or STUD BOOK/SBT kitten from one of the few Foundation Highlander Catteries in TICA. Understand it takes years of selective breeding to achieve the STB status. My bloodlines are pure and have remained that way since I started with the original Breeders Group many years ago.

Purchasers signature indicates full agreement of all above conditions once signed this is a legal & binding contract ;

Signature of Purchaser ;____________________________Date; _______________         
Signature of Seller ; _____________________________     Date;_____________________                                                     

Warning to buyers;

1. Treating your cats/kittens for Fleas.....First off NEVER use a spot on treatment again in 2 weeks. It stays in the bloodstream for 30 days by doing it again you are overdosing you cats and can KILL them ! Try Revolution 30 days after initial treatment. NOT 2 weeks after unless you want you cats to die. Read the directions also never use OTC junk it will harm your cats. Ask a vet for other options. Use diatemoucs earth around your house outside . Revolution or Advantage Multi for cats. Capstar works great for a fast quick fix, but needs to be followed by a 30 day treatment. Talk to your vet about other options. Kill the fleas not your pets.........

2. When spaying or neutering your pets have a vet use gas or Ace...Ketamine can be deadly to this breed so ask your vet what he uses before you have your kittens spayed or neutered.

3. NEVER bring a new animal in with others, always isolate & quarantined from any other cats for at least a week or more,to be sure there are no issues.



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