Read about Unethical Breeders & stay away from Kitten Mills

Looking for a new family member
Can be very trying...

The Highlander Breed is coming along with great speed.
With so many new breeders that just want to be a breeder for the money
and not for the breed itself.
How do you tell just how much Highlander Blood is in your new kitten ?

What to ask the Breeder?

1. Do I get a TICA registration ?
If your new kitten don't come with a TICA Registration
It is not a Highlander.
Only TICA has Highlanders .

2. The status codes can be hard to get.
This is a Registration Code
So ask how many Generation's it is to SBT. It takes 10 to get to SBT.
The closer you are to SBT the truer your kitten is to the breed.
And not the domestic it was breed with.
If the Breeder tells you the codes don't matter... RUN
The $ Money $ is what matters to them..
The only thing I can tell you is You get what you pay for.

The Highland Lynx is not a Highlander and can be breed to
a cat with wild blood in it. Please check with your state about
A True Highlander has no wild blood, So does not apply.

3. Do I get a guarantee ?
A good breeder will stand by their cattery give you
a year with a Contract.

4. Do your home work
With a lot of new breeders good and bad
You will need to ask a lot of Questions.
If the breeder won't answer your questions or wants
to beat around the bush. RUN

5. If you don't think I have what you are looking for?
I do have some recommendations, our Sister Cattery. Ask & I may have another reputable breeder to send you to if I don't have what you are looking for.

As to what I love about the Highlanders, absolutely everything!!! If you own one you know what I am talking about, if you own two then you have double the pleasure......



These are my heros

Heros come in small packages.

The fantastic four Highlander Heros

Lili of Wildinheart

Diego of Wildinheart son of Lili & Bo

The Wookie a big 20 pound lump of affection

Monkey, daughter of Lili & Bo


Well it all started around dinner on July 17, 2008. It was a hot July evening and I had not been running the AC I had my doors and windows opened, the screen door on the porch had a small gap at the bottom, but it never concerned me before, why should it I have left it open like this for years.

I was in the kitchen doing my normal evening work at the stove, I had finished feeding all the big cats outside and now it was time to cook dinner and feed the family inside. I was at the stove starting to cook dinner and 2 of the cats were at my feet nothing unusual about that, they are always under my feet when I am trying to do things. So I didn’t think anything of it until the Wookie and Diego keep wanting behind the cabinet. They would come by the stove then go back to the cabinet next to the stove, they both acted like they were watching something behind the cabinet. I thought Diego was after a mouse, so I opened the bottom drawer of the cabinet, he looked in and then went right back to the other side. Mean while the Wookie was intently eying something at the back by the wall behind the cabinet, finally I said phooey and just went back to doing dinner.

Later that evening I was here at the computer finishing emails and the motley crew kept banging into my feet on the floor, so I just moved them and they kept it up.

I finally finished the email and looked down to see what the heck was all the commotion about going on by my feet. Well folks turns out my babies all four of them were going after a cotton mouth :) snake that is,  LOL. Damn thing had been hanging around my bare feet for a while and the big old Wookie was thumping on him followed by Diego, with the Monkey jumping in too, Lili laid back to watch. I turned on the light to see this snake right next to my garbage can were my feet where and it was striking at my Wookie. That is a no,  no you do NOT try to hurt my babies!!

So I yelled for my old man to wake up and help me, try to keep 4 cats away from a snake when you are trying to catch it.  He finally answered me, thought I was kidding, I said get out here and DO NOT bring the Gun. He would have come out with the shotgun and blown a hole through my floor, I've seen him in action when it comes to a snake, shoots anything that moves LOL.

Finally got the cats out of the way and a coffee can over the top of the snake. Picture this the tail is out from under the can, WAHOO, a new toy , all the cats are trying to take turns to get the tail. In the mean time I am trying to move the can out from under my desk and keep the snake under it.  I got the lid and we maneuvered it under the can, part of the snakes body starting coming out. My husband runs and gets a hammer, :) starts beating the snake the cats are wanting to help. What a disaster.!!

Got the snake in the can and the lid on it all the kitties are safe from the evil slithering monster toy. Lucky the Wookie is a walking hair ball, because that snake struck at him again and again before we had the situation was under control.

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