Bonnie Sue  &  Dargo of Wild @ Heart

Sire BO BO
...... Bo has been retired now from our line and moved on to breed in a whole new program.

BO BO came to us in the first week of Oct. 2007, from his former home in North Carolina.  He is long with a very broad chest and thick neck, very well muscled, and poly. Bo  produced some outstanding babies who have grown to an admirable size of over 20 pounds and very spotted, with the personality of a playful kitten. Even far into adulthood they still play like kittens and are some of the most fun loving and gentle babies.

Bo Bo is TICA reg. Foundation Highlander

His offspring  will carry on where Dad left off. The Son Of Boy is hard at work to take over where dad left off.





Meet the Son Of Bo we call him Wags for now, cause he is always wagging his tail.  He is a major awesome boy that will outdo dad in size. This is him at 9 months old and he is in with his first lady learning how to follow in dads footsteps. He looks so much like Dad it is hard to tell them apart. but he is already as big as or bigger than Bo and his ears a not as tightly curled as Dad.

Mr Wags He is a handsome well muscled , well mannered boy. His markings almost identical to his dads.
Dargo has proven himself, now a dad many times and his offspring look like him and are just georgeous .  Dargo has proven himself and produced some good looking babies waiting for his next litter to arrive in a month or so.Dargo is so soft he is like touching silk and he is a big old sweetheart and just pure affection.
Mateo a Cinnamon Sephia torbie Classic 1 1/2 yrs old here he has another year and a half to grow. new king of Wild in Heart producing some stunning babies weighing in at present at 18 pounds of solid muscle.
Mateo aka Tater big feet big heart big boy :)

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