Bella Storm one of our pets, she is spayed and has never been bred. She is long and lean and muscles ripple across her body when she moves. A pleasure to watch her move and play.

Mr Wags as a baby and at 9 months Now one of our kings and producing some awesome babies carrying on where his dad left off. Bo Bo is his dad
Monkey one of our pets never bred she is spayed and a member of our family. She is a very BIG girl with an abundant amount of personality.
Diego as a baby an now grown into one impressive boy weighing in at 35 pounds and his family is so proud of him. Goes for walks on his leash visits the local Pet Smart and brings an audience wherever he goes.
Baby Neo one of those special ones He is now grown and at 13 months he was an impressive 18 pounds and had a lot of growing to do. Now all grown and a dad himself living in Ohio passing on his sweet traits to his offspring.
Our Brazilian King Thor not even a year old yet and he is HUGE Tropical air in Sao Paulo must really agree with him. Can't wait to see his first babies.
Thor and his lady Shena are the first Highlanders in South America in Brazil
they are Wild in Heart Highlanders
Queen Shena our Brazilian girl is now with her mate Thor taking Brazil by storm. THe first breeding pair of Highlanders in the entire country of Brazil and their offspring are going to be very special.

Now the queen and king will soon give birth to the first Tropical Highlanders in Sao~ Paulo. & both now understand 2 languages English and Portugese

Bella who belongs to her family in Ohio has grown from an adorable little kitten into a very beautiful adult with eyes so big you could get lost in them.
Baby Mishi and grown now sired babies of his own. He is a soft and beautiful classic a big boy and spoiled and lived very much. He is our now Canadian boy just over the border from Niagra Falls NY our sister cattery in Canada's sire
Baby max & Grown Max also with his brother in Canada and now sired a litter of his own. The boys are part of truly yours Highlanders with 2 unrelated females one from Exotic sweetspots and the other from the Arbuckle line.
One of our boys living in Green Bay now and grown up.
Moon sister to Monkey grown and we hope she is doing well. She was a very pretty girl and we hope she has been cared for.
Jr living out East in CT. with his new mom & dad spoiled and loved and just a great boy with personality plus.
Aramus had a hard start went to a breeder who did not care for him, brought him back sick I got him back to healthy and now he is in a pet home a companion animal who is now a happy healthy loving boy.
Mittens & Topaz born 3/1/13 sister have been together since birth. Living in NY they have grown into a beautiful pair. Still have some growing to do, love it when we get photos to add here. TY Barb.
Sebastian found a home in FL and has now had 2 more added to his family there. He enjoys water sports, walking on a leash and play time. Loves his new home & family and now has 2 more to join him there.
Thor & Shena brother & sister . Jamaica's only babies living together in thier forever home. Together since birth...........
Bentley now living in FL. pictured here at onlly a couple months old. He is a stunning boy and is going to  be a big boy. Can't wait to watch  him grow. Born 4/11/16 Now 13 mmonths weighing in at 22 pounds !

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